Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Course -- Series 16 – 20 License

PLEASE NOTE: There are two requirements to receive the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser License:

1. You must pass the PSI state licensing exam. Our course is meant to prepare you to pass this state licensing exam.

2. You must either have six months of continuous (verifiable appraising/estimating experience) OR if you do not have the experience, the Pennsylvania Dept. of Insurance will accept a training certificate or course completion certificate from a course related to this field within the last 3 years. Our $189.95 course ALSO MEETS the training certificate requirement  (meaning, you WILL receive a course completion certificate) if you complete the course and pass our course final exam with a 70% or better AND submit the course affidavit to our office that provides the information we need to process your certificate.


Our $189.95 course will substitute for the six months of continuous experience if you pass the course final exam with a 70% or better (the course final exam is on our website). If you have the six months of continuous experience, you do NOT have to take the final exam, but our course will still prepare you to take the PSI state exam. Our course has been updated to reflect the latest state exam changes made on June 30th, 2016 by

Six-Month Course Subscription Includes:

  • 368-page textbook/state law digest custom printed at time of order;
  • Exam Simulator with over 1,000 questions, including STATE SPECIFIC questions;
Six-Month Course Subscription Includes:

  • Exam Simulator with over 1,000 questions, including PA STATE SPECIFIC questions;
  • 24/7 online access via username and password.
  • No course completion certificate with the exam simulator along, you must purchase a full course to receive a certificate.
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