Insurance Schools has state and exam specific adjuster courses for:

AK Adjuster
AZ Prop. & Cas. Adjuster
AR Casualty Adjuster
AR General Adjuster
AR Property Adjuster
AR Workers Comp Adjuster
CA Independent Adjuster
CA Public Adjuster
CO Public Adjuster
CT Cas. Adjuster for All-Lines
CT Cas. All-Lines EXCEPT WC
CT Cas. Claims Adj. - Auto Only
CT Workers Comp. Adjuster
DE Casualty Adjuster
DE Marine & Transport. Adjuster
DE Motor Vehicle Adjuster
DE Property Adjuster
DE Public Adjuster
DE Workers Comp. Adjuster
FL All-Lines Adjuster
FL Public Adj. for All-Lines (3--20)
GA Adjuster
HI Adjuster
HI Workers Comp. Adjuster
ID Gen. Lines Adjuster
ID Public Adjuster
ID Workers Comp. Adjuster
IL Public Adjuster
IN Public Adjuster
KS Public Adjuster
KY Prop. & Cas. Adjuster
KY Workers Comp. Adjuster
LA Auto Adjuster
LA Public Adjuster
LA Comprehensive Adjuster
LA Pers. Lines Adjuster
LA Comm. Lines Adjuster
ME Prop. & Casualty Adjuster
MD Public Adjuster
MA Public Adjuster
MI Public Adjuster
MI Adj. WITH Workers Comp.
MI Adj. WITHOUT Workers Comp.
MN Prop. & Cas. Adjuster
MN Workers Comp.
MS Independent Adjuster
MS Public Adjuster
MO Public/Solicitor Adjuster
MT Adjuster
MT Public Adjuster
NV Property & Casualty Adjuster
NH Public Adjuster
NH Property & Casualty Adjuster
NH Workers Comp. Adjuster
NJ Public Adjuster
NY Accident & Health Adjuster
NY Independent Fire Adjuster
NY Independent Casualty Adjuster
NY Independent Auto Adjuster
NY Indep. Auto Damage & Theft
NY Independent General Adjuster
NY Indep. Inland Marine Adjuster
NY Public Adjuster
NY Ind. MV & WC Health Serv
North Carolina Adjuster
OH Public Adjuster
OK Crime & Fidelity Adj.
OK Prop. & Cas. MV Adj.
OK Casualty Adjuster
OK Property Adjuster
OK Workers Comp. Adj.
Oregon Gen. Lines Adj.
PA MV Phys. Damage
PA Public Adjuster
RI Prop. & Cas. Adjuster
RI Workers Comp. Adjuster
SC Comm. Lines Adjuster
SC MV Damage Appraiser
SC Prop. Cas. Sure & Mar.
SC Personal Lines Adj.
SC Public Adjuster
SC Workers Comp.
TN Public Adjuster
TX All-Lines Adjuster
TX Prop. & Casualty Adj.
TX Public Adjuster
TX Workers Comp. Adj.
UT Prop. & Cas. Adj.
VT Prop. & Cas. Adj.
VT Public Adjuster
VT Workers Comp. Adj.
VA Public Adj.
WA Adjuster
WV Adjuster
WV Public Adjuster
WY Gen. Lines Adjuster

All our materials come with: Content Outline; Online Practice Exam Simulator (containing ONLY those questions covered on the specific exam outline.)

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