Vermont Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser -- Series 14 – 37

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Vermont Law defines an Appraiser to mean, any person who, for compensation, appraises the loss or damage under policies of automobile insurance on the behalf of the insurers under such policies. A license as an appraiser will not be required of an official or employee of a Vermont domiciled fire or casualty insurance company or of a duly licensed resident insurance producer of a licensed insurer who is authorized by such insurer to appraise losses under policies issued by such insurer. A license will not be required of an automobile repair shop or repair facility which makes an appraisal at the request of the insured or insurer.


In order to obtain an Appraiser license in the state of Vermont, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age; must be deemed to be competent, trustworthy and financially responsible; have passed a written examination; meet an experience requirement and submit a license application and fees. The experience requirement may be satisfied in three different ways:

(1) The applicant possesses two years’ experience in handling of loss appraising.

(2) The applicant has undergone special training of sufficient duration and scope to make him/her competent to fulfill the responsibilities of the license. A person seeking to have special training recognized should submit a detailed description of the training, including syllabi, curriculum and training material.

(3) The applicant is employed by and subject to the immediate personal supervision of a licensed appraiser who is licensed in Vermont and who has been licensed for not less than three years next preceding the date of application for the license.
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