New York Independent Accident & Health Adjuster (Series 17-63) Course

IMPORTANT NOTICE - The New York Department changed their exam outlines as of December 20, 2019 (latest state exam updates). 

We have updated our online Virtual Classroom program, our online course curriculum, and our online exam simulator questions to reflect these changes. 

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(1) Persons who hold the New York Accident & Health adjuster license shall have the authority to investigate and adjuster all claims arising under policies of accident & health insurance.

(2) DISCLAIMER – PLEASE READ: The above information is based on our interpretation of the authority granted for the New York Accident & Health Adjuster (Series 17-63) license, 11 CRR-NY 26.3.

For more information about the line of authority you can adjust with this license, please call the New York Department of Financial Services, Licensing Division, at (518) 474-6630 or (518) 486-1809 for additional information.

ATTENTION: Many students confuse the different types of adjuster licenses offered in New York.  Please be sure you review each type of adjuster license (and the type of claims that can be adjusted) BEFORE placing your order. 
Six-Month Course Subscription Includes:

  • Virtual Classroom;
  • Textbook/state law digest chapters in .pdf format as you move through the course;
  • Exam Simulator with over 1,500 questions, including STATE SPECIFIC questions!
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