Utah Property & Casualty Insurance Agent/Producer – Series 17-04 ONLINE Virtual Classroom Course - Updated to include the latest state exam changes!


(Average student takes 40 to 50 hours to complete this course)


  • Immediate 24/7 online access (via username/password) to the Utah Property & Casualty Producer – Series 17-04 Virtual Classroom (Power Point style presentation with audio). This presentation further details beyond a textbook alone.
  • Utah Property & Casualty Producer – Series 17-04 Textbook/Law Digest in .pdf that is accessed as you move through the course. (The .pdf is delivered in sections, not in one single downloadable file and a textbook is NOT shipped to you.)
  • Immediate 24/7 online access (via username/password) to the Exam Simulator. Each student receives 35 completed 100-question exams that are randomly generated from our database of over 3,000 questions, including STATE SPECIFIC Utah questions. Scoring 85% or better on our practice exams consistently (at least 4 times) will give students a 98% chance of passing the state licensing exam.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Virtual Classroom subscription is good for six months. (The logon counter is set to 60 but can be reset if the student has not completed all course modules.) The Exam Simulator subscription is good for six months or 35 completed exams and for 1 individual student. (Multiple students logging onto a single student account will result in account suspension and no refund will be given.) After six months course subscriptions expire, NO EXCEPTIONS.

IMPORTANT: Please set your e-mail program to receive e-mails from no-reply@insurance-schools.com so that your logon information will not be filtered into spam/junk mail.



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