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Please visit our LIVE CHAT feature or call 800-333-3926. We have agents ready to assist you during business hours and some evening and weekend hours. If an agent isn't available on the CHAT, please leave a message and you will receive assistance usually within a few minutes, but definitely within 24 hours. Go to the FAQ page now.


Request for Course Extension:

We have a strict 6 month limit on courses NO EXCEPTIONS. Why? Insurance is a rapidly changing business. Laws are constantly changing, the state insurance departments frequently change state exam vendors and therefore, the topics that are covered on the exam. When students take an excessive amount of time to complete a course, the chances are very good that they will be studying outdated materials.

The courses take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to complete. We give everyone 26 weeks to complete the course to account for busy work schedules, illnesses, family emergencies, etc. Therefore, the extension is "built-in". It is the responsibility of the student to complete the course and schedule the state licensing exam BEFORE their expiration date. Extensions are not given because a student schedules their state exam a week or two after their expiration date. Why? Because 98% of students who are given a two week extension so they can study until their exam date do not pass the state licensing exam (because they waited until the last minute to begin studying) and they come back asking for another extension two weeks after the first one. It's best to simply repurchase the course to be sure you are completely prepared to take and pass the state exam.  
We are very sorry for any health issues, accidents, deaths in the family, etc. that our students may experience in a six month period of time. However, we are an internet company and we have no way of verifying if any of these issues actually occurred, and if they did, if the issue would have prevented a student completing a 1 to 4 week course in a 26 week period of time. Most issues are not going to take more than a few weeks to resolve, leaving plenty of time to finish the course.

If you would like to complete a course that has already expired, you can repurchase the course from our website. Repurchasing will reset the expiration date but you can still pick up where you left off in the course.



Product Return Support:

Click here to review our “Return Policy” and follow the guidelines to request a refund.


Product Information and Sales:

If you have questions about our products BEFORE making a purchase please use our CHAT feature. We have agents available 8:30 am to 5:30 pm eastern time and selected evening and weekend hours as well. Many students ask which product is appropriate for the license type they are pursuing, which course components are included with each package, or how to find the state licensing exam vendor for their state. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! If, by chance, you catch us when all of our agents are busy or during the middle of the night, please leave us a message, we will answer you very quickly. We are happy to assist with your goals of moving forward in your career!



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