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We thought it would be helpful to place a few of our course reviews on one page of our website for ease in searching, but reviews “per course” can still be found on each course page of our website. We include either the first name and last initial, or first initial and last name of the student for privacy purposes. Go to our homepage to search for the Insurance Agent or Adjuster course you need now!



Review of Arizona 13-36 Property & Casualty Adjuster Licensing Course -- There was a lot of information in this adjuster course but it was needed to pass the state test. There were many practice questions in this course and they really hleped me pass. ~ Aaron V.



Review of Insurance Schools' Texas All Lines Adjuster Course -- I had a great experience. The material was in depth and easy to matriculate through. Ample time alloted to study and complete the course. I would recommend to anyone looking for a self paced format to obtain their license. ~ Theresa J.



Review of Illinois Public Adjuster License Training Course -- I had some issues with passing my exam. They stuck by my side and guided me through with personalized online assistance. Special thank you to Cindy, who was there to check in on my progress regularly. I passed the exam today!! ~ David D.



Review of the Georgia Adjuster Prelicensing Course -- I took this course and finished in 10 days, including the final exam. I then took the real state exam and it was so easy I could not believe it. This course made it easy. It does not take a long time to get this done if you really work at it. Thanks Insurance Schools for a great course! Moving on now to Texas! ~ Kel T.



Review of the California Independent Adjuster License Course -- The course was very helpful and user friendly. The adjuster exam simulation was by far the most useful, it really helped me prepare and taking them a couple weeks out from my exam worked out great as I was able to pass the CA adjuster exam on my first try. I have recommended this course to several of my work associates. ~ Leilani L.



Review of the Florida 620 All Lines Adjuster License Preparation Course -- Hello to the great and wonderful team that has helped me in this journey. It is with a bitter sweet feelings I am reaching out to you all in this ticket. I will no longer need your services and expertise reguarding the 620/720 license due to the fact I passed the state exam this morning! Thank you for all of your help and putting together the great content to help me achieve this goal of mine! You are all greatly appreciated! Thank you again, ~ James H.



Review of the New Hampshire Property & Casualty Adjuster Course -- Seemed like a lot of detail when I was taking the course but really glad when I took the exam. Got an 84%! ~ Rex F.



Review of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser Course -- The course was very good and definitely prepared me to pass the state exam. Whoever put this course together did a really good job. ~ Ed G.



Review of the New York 17-70 Independent General Adjuster Exam Prep Course -- In November I didn’t know the first thing about insurance. I ordered this program, and in January I took one of the most notoriously difficult exams in the country and got 88% on my first try. I was the type who had never even bothered to read his own car insurance policy, and this course helped me ace a test that stumps even experienced adjusters. Thanks a lot! ~ Terry M.



Review of the North Carolina Adjuster Course -- I was asked to give a review after I finished taking the NC adjuster course. I really liked how the course was laid out and the study guides really helped me organize what I learned. The practice exams gave lots of questions some were easy some were hard. This is what got me ready and I passed the exam with an 81%. ~ S. Tucker



Review of the Texas Workers Compensation Adjuster License Course -- "...I wanted to say thank you! These materials help me ace my test on the first try!! And now I’m being offered more pay in my field! Thank you, this program is A+. ~ L. Taylor



Review of the New York Public Adjuster Prelicensing Course -- I passed by state exam today with an 83.3%. This is more less equivalent to my average score on the time practice exams in the course. So I suppose the course matches up well with the real thing. The State exam "felt" easier while taking it, but obviously it was not in fact easier than the course exams. ~ Marc S.



Review of the Indiana Independent Adjuster Prelicensing Course -- I had technical issues when I first started this cousre. I requests help by a ticket and they answered me right away. It turned out to be something simple and I got through the rest of the course without any issues. I passed the state exam easily because the course covered everything on it. The quizzes in the course were the most helpful. Thanks to Insurance Schools! ~ Daniel B.



Review of the New York Auto Damage & Theft Appraiser 17-71 Adjuster Exam Prep Course -- State Farm bought this course for me and I passed my appraiser exam with no problem. This course is FANTASTIC! ~ Tom G.



Review of the Mississippi Adjuster Prelicensing Course -- I took this course doing what they tell you to do. I reviewed topics and then moved onto new topics. I took the practice exams until I was ready to pass the final exam. I passed the state exam too. ~ Evan L.



Review of the New York Accident & Health 17-63 Adjuster Exam -- The Insurance School website/course was extremely helpful in helping me pass my New York Claims Adjuster exam Thanks to all involved with preparing the practice exams & the study material – Every piece of info was needed & appreciated. ~ W. Lee



Review of the Louisiana Property & Casualty 204 Adjuster Course -- I would never have passed the LA adjuster's test without this course (on the 1st try). The practice tests helped to prepare me for the actual test. I especially liked how the practice test give you the correct answer each time I got a question wrong. I would write it down and study it. I have recommended the course to many who are taking the Louisiana test & they have done well on the exam as well. It is worth every cent . Thanks again. ~ Stephanie D.


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