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Insurance Schools Inc Course Reviews!

We thought it would be helpful to place a few of our course reviews on one page of our website for ease in searching, but reviews “per course” can still be found on each course page of our website. We include either the first name and last initial, or first initial and last name of the student for privacy purposes. Go to our homepage to search for courses now or use the menu above!



The ticket system is really wonderful. You can ask questions and they answer you very quickly, even on weekends. I felt like Insurance Schools, Inc. really looked out for me while I was taking my claims adjuster course, even when I was a little snippy and freaked out. ~ Linda C.


~ There are TONS of adjuster exam questions with this course. I felt like an expert by the time I was done and the California Adjuster exam seemed really easy. The best value for your money is with Insurance Schools, Inc.~ . Matt M.


~ The staff on the ticket system actually answer you, unlike a lot of other schools that take a week or more to answer your questions. ~ Liz T.

The staff is friendly, kind and very professional they also provided me with the tools needed for the exam. Thanks insurance school! ~ Jerome M.

The practice test were very helpful. The question were challenging and open up my thinking capability to pass my test on the first go. ~ Tia P.

The course I took was informative and effective. Passed my tests easily. ~ Eric P.

The Insurance School website/course was extremely helpful in helping me pass my New York Claims Adjuster exam .. Thanks to all involved with preparing the practice exams & the study material – Every piece of info was needed & appreciated. ~ W. Lee

Great way to study and they were very helpful with anything I requested! Thank you for all the help! ~ L. Clark

Passed it with an 85 on the first shot after only 3 weeks into your program. Strongly recommend your program best money I spent. ~ Bobby L.

Very easy to follow. Provides plenty of time to complete the course. ~ David R.

Passed my test the first try great program! ~ A. Ward

Really good course, covers everything on the exam. ~ Steve P.

Practice Tests were very helpful, relevant, accessible and up to date. ~ Betsey C.

Great course, really prepared me! ~ Riley A.

There were five of us in my office that had to get this license. I bought your course and so did one other then the other people bought courses from other sites. Me and my friend were the only two that passed thank you! ~ L. Jackson

Thanks for everything. The course was a blast. Can’t wait to start working!!!! Use me as a ref if you like!!! ~ John O.

I was very busy with work and couldn’t use the course until it already expired. They wouldn’t give me an extension without charging me. NOT COOL!! ~ name withheld by customer

Our office manage bought this course for 10 of us. We all passed the exam because of the quizzes in the course. By the time we got to the end we passed the Texas exam. Thanks! ~ Colleen B.

This course helped me get the certificate I needed to get a license in PA, thanks! ~ Brad G.

Very informative and good course structure. Well worth the investment. ~ Glenn M.

Your practice questions were the best. I took a my course in person with another school and failed the exam. After I bought your course and took the first practice test and only scored a 54% I knew I wasn’t ready for the real exam! I studied your course and took the practice exams until I was in the 80s, then I took the exam again and passed! ~ James D.

I was under a deadline to get my license because I waited until I only had three weeks left to study. I freaked out because I planned on studying all weekend and when I tried to logon my password wouldn’t work!! I emailed support on Saturday morning and they reset my password for me right away on a Saturday. Thanks! ~ L. Johnson

I was asked to give feedback on the courses I completed with Insurance Schools. I found the course easy to use and informative. I was able to take the workers compensation adjuster exams in several states and I passed them all. Thanks! ~ Jessica L.

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