Choosing an Adjuster School

The best way to avoid being scammed when choosing an adjuster prelicensing or exam prep course is to AVOID THE ADJUSTER HYPE!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance adjuster schools have been popping up all over the internet. When searching for an insurance adjuster school, potential students see headlines like:

** Become a Public Adjuster and make $100,000 Cash In First Year!


** How to Make $100,000 per month as a CAT Adjuster!


** Travel the World and Make Big Money Working as an Adjuster!

** Run Your Own Adjusting Firm in as little as 60 days!

As tempting as it can be to "buy in" to these falsehoods, lies, or even outright scams, we urge you to do your homework before wasting your money. No matter what an "adjuster school" promises you in terms of teaching you to market your services, get on adjusting firm rosters, training you on the best claims adjusting software on the market, etc., you cannot act as a claims adjuster or public adjuster in any state without first meeting the legally mandated requirements and holding an adjuster license or it's equivalent! With this in mind, doesn't it make more sense to obtain an adjuster license before laying out hefty sums of cash for marketing courses or to learning to use software that can only be used after the adjuster license is obtained?


Some "adjuster schools" will bundle a package where you are promised an exam prep course to prepare you to pass the state exam along with the course to learn to market yourself, start your own firm, or learn adjusting software. In addition, some will even throw in a few extra books on various insurance topics and an insurance dictionary. You can purchase these "everything you need" bundles for somewhere between $600 and $1,200. But remember, in the beginning all you need is the course to prepare you to take and pass the state licensing exam for adjusters. If you do not pass that state exam, all the other items you've paid for in the "bundle" become a big waste of your money. 

Additionally, if you are new to the insurance field, how do you know you won't change your mind in the middle of the course and decide that insurance adjusting is not for you? Some people get started on an insurance prelicensing or exam prep course and decide that learning the "ins-and-outs" of insurance policy coverages, exclusions, conditions, additional coverages, etc. etc. is just not for them. (Yes, adjusters are required to learn the information contained in various insurance contracts, its not just for agents!) Wouldn't it be better to pay less than a third of the price of a "bundle" for a good insurance prelicensing or exam prep course first?


More reasons to avoid getting caught up in the "live a life of luxury" hype and purchase a stand-alone, good-quality adjuster prelicensing or exam prep course:

** No state adjuster license exam covers any topic remotely close to marketing yourself as an adjuster. Learning marketing and sales information before you hold a license is unnecessary and distracting.

** Many people apply for and take staff or desk adjuster jobs before preparing for their adjuster state licensing exams. Most adjusters begin learning how to adjust claims at a desk under the supervision of an adjuster who already holds a license. Typically, when a person holds a desk adjuster job and has been working under supervision, their employer will pay for the prelicensing or exam prep course or courses needed for the job.

** Good-quality prelicensing or exam prep courses include and cover all the vocabulary words needed to pass the state licensing exam. There is no need for an insurance dictionary. Additionally, any other books included in a "bundle" would not be focused on the topics covered on the state exam content outline and would serve to confuse and distract someone who needs to remain focused on only the topics needed to pass the state adjuster exam.

** Purchasing training on a specific claims estimating software in a bundle with a prelicensing or exam prep course is simply not necessary. Xactimate claims estimating software is used to estimate damage to personal and commercial property like houses and office buildings. Xactimate will provide training on their software and they offer free trials of the software, so there really isn't any reason to purchase this software from a prelicensing or exam prep course provider. Additionally, Xactimate is not the only property estimating claims software on the market. The types of claims that Xactimate software is NOT USED for include:

-- Automobile liability;
-- Automobile physical damage;
-- Workers Compensation;
-- Accident & Health;
-- Professional Liability;
-- Commercial General Liability;
-- Umbrella;
-- Inland and Ocean Marine;
-- And many other types of claims.


Many adjuster school sites on the internet right now are created by AI and clearly provide no information regarding the state-specific requirements to obtain an insurance adjuster license. To "enroll" in the courses offered by these sites, you must complete a form with your name and contact information. This information is gathered so that you can be contacted with spam. Please do not fall for this. If a site does not tell you their price for the course and what you receive for that price, never, ever give them your personally identifying information.

"Get the FREE Guide..." is another great ploy that many adjuster school sites use to gather your personal information to place on their email marketing lists to use themselves or to sell to third parties. The information contained in these "free guides" is usually more of the "make a killing" as an insurance adjuster hype and typically contains no information of real value to someone truly interested in becoming an insurance adjuster. The guide may contain information on state requirements, however that information is already listed on the state insurance department websites for free and you aren't required to provide your personally identifying information to get it. 


Avoid the "Top 5, 10, 15, etc. BEST Insurance Adjuster Schools" sites. These sites pretend to rate the schools but their ratings depend on the amount paid to them by the school for advertising. Another way these rating sites are paid is by receiving a percentage when anyone clicks the school's link from the rating site and purchases a course. So you might think you are purchasing a course from the #1 insurance adjuster school on the planet, but it's really just the school that was willing to pay the most for the #1 rating.

Avoid purchasing a course from any adjuster school that says they are approved in all 50 states. All 50 states do not require "approval" by the state insurance departments to provide adjuster courses and schools that make that claim are doing so to provide ."Prelicensing" courses require approval by a state's insurance department as to form, delivery, content and required time spent. All approved prelicensing courses will include an "approved provider code number" that the school should proudly display on their site. "Exam prep" courses can be sold by anyone and claim to prepare license candidate's for any state licensing exam.

Typically, adjuster schools that claim to be "approved in all 50 states" provide only the easy "generic" information in their courses. Because there will be a few of these "generic" questions on the exams in all 50 states, these schools use this to make the claim that their courses apply in all 50 states. However, those easy "generic" questions that can be found for free on sites such as Quizlet will cover only a small percentage of the entire exam and cannot be relied upon to actually prepare anyone for a passing score.


Insurance Schools, Inc. has been providing the best insurance adjuster prelicensing and exam prep courses for more than 35 years. Our goal is to prepare those using our courses to pass their state licensing exams on the first attempt. The focus of our courses is to provide the information covered on the state exam, including the changes that occur due to state insurance law changes each year. We are so sure that our courses will prepare students to pass their state licensing exams on the first attempt that we offer a PASS Guarantee!


Insurance Schools adjuster prelicensing and exam prep courses are offered at: View Adjuster Prelicensing & Exam Prep Courses!



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