Free Independent or All Lines Adjuster Courses

Free Independent All Lines Adjuster Courses for those 5 winners who meet the following criteria:

1. You must be one of the first five students to contact us via our ticket system after 4/26/24 at 2:00 PM. (We will post on the page when all five new students have been awarded the free courses)


PLEASE NOTE: As of 5/8/2024, we've had five students claim free courses. WE ARE NO LONGER OFFERING FREE COURSES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. However, you can take an additional 20% off the price of any course by using the promo code: ADJ20


Congratulations to the following students who have claimed the Free Adjuster Courses!

1. Cicily Fouse
2. Lindie Robinson
3. Dovie Harrison
4. Tanya Smith
5. Emily Jennings


2. We must offer the course you need for your home state or DHS. (For example, if you live in Utah or Nevada (or other states we do not offer an adjuster course for) we cannot provide you with a free adjuster course. You would need to obtain the license in your home state first before you are eligible for an adjuster license in any of the other states.

3. You must be a new client who has never taken a course with Insurance Schools before.

4. You must complete the course and pass the course final exam within 30 days from the date you are registered in the course. (We will provide you with the exact date and time along with your logon information if you are chosen as one of the five.)

5. You must pass the course final exam with a 70% or higher to receive the certificate that exempts you from taking the state licensing exam. This is the certificate that must be submitted with your license application.

6. You must be willing to allow us to post your first and last name on this page as a winner of the free course. We will not post any other identifying details about you. However, we need to demonstrate to anyone that requested the course too late, that there WERE actually five new students who won the free Independent or All Lines Adjuster license course. The only method we can see to demonstrate this is to post the winners names.

To request the free course, go to: Submit a Ticket Requesting the FREE Independent or All Lines Adjuster Course.

On the first page, select the 3rd option that says, “I am a NEW to your website and have questions about the courses, products, and services offered by Insurance Schools, Inc.” Then, click “Next”.

On the second page, select the 1st option that says, “I am an individual who is looking for information on license types and/or courses for myself.” Then, click “Next”.

On the third page, enter your first and last name and email address into the fields provided. In the text box titled “I’M INTERESTED IN A COURSE TO OBTAIN MY LICENSE IN (SPECIFIC STATE), please enter “FREE Independent or All Lines Adjuster Course." Also, type in the name of the state where you live or you plan to designate as your home state for licensing purposes (rules apply). Then, click the “Submit” button.

After you have submitted your request, we will respond to your ticket (the response will come to your email address) to congratulate you and provide your logon instructions.

For those who might be curious as to why we are offering FREE adjuster courses, we will explain. Insurance Schools, Inc. is trying new and different marketing strategies than we have attempted in the past. Offering adjuster courses for free will help us determine if the digital spaces where we advertised this free adjuster course offer are being seen by the people who have a need for the course. Thanks in advance for helping us out with our marketing strategy!


Another reason we decided to give away five free adjuster courses, is that we know how difficult economic conditions are for most Americans at the moment. For those attempting to begin a new career or expand an existing one, the cost of adjuster license training can be prohibitive. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to help out someone else in our industry because we have been blessed in the insurance education business for over 35 years!


We are looking forward to hearing from you!!



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