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No one posts a positive review on the Better Business Bureau site. When people are looking to vent their frustrations, they go to the Better Business Bureau because they think that the BBB is somehow a "regulatory agency" that has the right to "accredit" our school and others. This couldn't be further from the truth.


The Better Business Bureau is a private company that makes money by allowing disgruntled customers (or any person who feels like it) to post anything they want about any business that hasn't paid the BBB to "accredit" them. If a business pays the BBB to "accredit" them, then anyone who would like to disparage a business must "file a complaint" and the business has the opportunity to rebut any negative claims made about them. Additionally, the complaintant is not permitted to post a review. Essentially, this means that the BBB requires a fee from businesses to keep negative reviews, fraudulent or otherwise, from being posted on the BBB website. 


Insurance Schools has decided that rather than pay the BBB to take our negative reviews off their site, we would post them here on our own site. Here, we can provide clarification and explanation to these reviews without having to pay the Better Business Bureau. The more we reduce our costs by not paying sites like the BBB, the lower our course prices can remain for the clients we proudly serve.


We have posted the reviews below exactly as they were posted on the BBB website. We kept the typos and redactions as well. In some cases we have corrected a typo or filled-in a redaction with brakets around it so that the review can be understood by the reader.


NOTE: We post both negative and positive reviews on our website "per specific course". This is a better place to view authentic reviews for the exact course you are looking to obtain. Google also permits us to "rebut" reviews that are posted by people who have never taken our courses or who are paid by our competitors to make completely false claims about our business. If you would like to post a Google review or read those reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars over 105 reviews, please go to Google and type "Insurance Schools Reviews" into the search box.

+++++++++++++++++ Reviews Posted on the Better Business Bureau Website Clarified from Latest to Oldest +++++++++++++++++


1 star -- David Bluman with Seaview Adjusting, Long Beach, New York. Posted review on 2/7/2024. Course purchased from Insurance Schools, Inc. was the New York Public Adjuster Course

I had a most rude and nasty exchange when I asked for a short extension. I understand their policies and I asked for an additional ***** [24 was redacted] hours. I made NO excuse for my lack of finishing this course and merely asked in kind for a small consideration. I clearly stated that I understand if they are unable to accomodate me. As someone who has created, taught and designed online course work (different industry) taken online university courses I have never been treated to a point where I needed to send expletives in response. As for the material there were a lot of contradictions and issues with their quizzes. I will now request from my credit card company a refund and I will find a suitable preparation course for my exam.

Insurance Schools, Inc's Response to David Bluman of Seaview Adjusting in Long Beach, New York:

David was very nice when asking for a 24-hour extension for the course that he purchased 26-weeks prior. He finished 5 of 17 chapters in that six month period and asked for a 24-hour extension to complete the remaining 12 chapters. He said "that I understand if they are unable to accomodate me" and yet, when we told him we were unable to accomodate him, he began to argue and harass over multiple ticket responses. David purchased a course, agreed to the Terms of Use which stated that he would finish in 6 months, and then when he did not meet his part of the agreement, decided to post this negative review on the BBB site and initiate a chargeback with the credit card company so that he could find a "suitable course". His credit card company did not give him a refund because they agreed with us, he did not meet his side of the agreement and was not due a refund.

As a side note, Insurance Schools New York Public Adjuster course is recommended by the New York Department of Financial Services because it is the ONLY approved (or "suitable") New York Public Adjuster course on the market. The New York Department requested that we write and publish the course because they needed one and we obliged. The New York Department requires a course completion certificate from an approved course provider (Insurance Schools, Inc.) before any New York Public Adjuster candidate is permitted to apply for a license. Our course is not only "suitable" it provides the certificate needed to be eligible for the license. We assume this is why David Bluman is not licensed in New York as a Public Adjuster to this day.

1 star -- Christian Rohlinger with E.A. Renfroe in the Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill Area of North Carolina. Posted review on 11/16/2023. Course purchased from Insurance Schools, Inc. was the New York Fire Adjuster Course

(Insurance Schools) is Rude and unprofessional. No communication is given when the class is to expire. And they expect you to pay for it again. RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL.

Insurance Schools Inc's response to Christian Rohlinger -- Christian purchased the New York Fire Adjuster course in September of 2022. He spent about 10 minutes going through the course material in September and October of 2022. He did not logon to the course at all after that and the course expired in mid-March 2023. On November 15th, 2023, a full 8 months after his course expired, he contacted us to say he couldn't access his course and needed to know how he would gain access. When we reiterated that his course was expired and he would need to purchase the course again, he continued to send this message: TURN MY PROGRAM BACK ON. TY!!!

In the review, he claims that there is "no communication is given when the class is to expire", which is completely untrue and Christian knows that.

First, our terms of use specify that all students have access to the course for six months from the date of purchase. Everyone must agree to those terms of use before they are permitted to purchase any of our courses. Secondly, the exact expiration date and hour is displayed every time a student logs into the course. Then, we also send an email reminder when the course is 5 months from its expiration date, 3 months from its expiration date and 1 month from its expiration date. I'm not sure how we could have made that expiration date any more clear.

1 star -- Leta Turner 11/8/2023. Course purchased from Insurance Schools was the Mississippi Adjuster course.

This company provides learning material that is contradicting. Their customer service is horrible and unprofessional. Not to mention, this is one of the more pricier courses in MS. I would NOT recommend to anyone!

Insurance Schools, Inc's Response to Leta Turner -- This review was very surprising. Leta submitted many tickets requesting help from August through November. However, she never once claimed that there was "contradicting" material in the course nor did she ask for an explanation of any contradicting material.

Leta took the Mississippi state exam and passed it, she took our course final exam and passed it as well. She submitted her affidavit to obtain the course completion certificate from Insurance Schools on 11/9/23, the day after she wrote this negative review of our course on the Better Business Bureau website. This is behavior is quite contradictory in and of itself.

1 star -- Jason S. 8/11/2023.

I'm in agreement with all the 1 star reviews. I signed up for the course, got the study manual, pent 2 weeks studying, passed all but ******** in the course and when I went to take the test, most of the questions were new information. A waste of money, time and confidence. Find a better course!!! Do not waste your time with American Insurance College.

Insurance Schools, Inc's response -- This review is NOT from one our students. We do not sell "study manuals" as he claims in the review and he goes on to name the school he is negatively reviewing as American Insurance College. He posted this review for the wrong school and yet the Better Business Bureau includes this poor rating for Insurance Schools, Inc. Again, they are more interested in allowing people to trash businesses and taking money from them to remove these false reviews.

1 star -- Ap M. 7/30/2023.

This is by far the worst course I've ever taken.

Insurance Schools Inc's response -- We have no idea who this person is or what course they took. Again, a totally fraudulent review that the Better Business Bureau uses to claim that Insurance Schools has an average rating of 1.0 out of 11 reviews.

1 star -- Stephanie Sullivan 3/27/2023 of a Third Party Administrator that we will not name as they are one of our best clients and we do not want to hurt their business.

This company is an absolute joke to so many degrees. Not only are they course modules riddled with spelling errors, their course module quizzes are subpar. Their customer service is horrendous and they go out of their way to belittle and demean people when asked a simple question or countering a response that is riddled with conflict information. If you value yourself as an individual and don't want to be made out to feel llike you're a lesser individual due to their obscene behavior - find another company. This one should be shut down and fined to the highest degree for the outright scam of an operation they're claiming to run.

Insurance Schools Inc's response -- This student was required to take our course by her employer. She did not follow the course instructions and did not meet the requirements for the PASS Guarantee. She failed the state licensing exam more than three times for these reasons. She also failed our course so she really shouldn't have expected to pass the state exam. The course she claims is so terrible, the Texas Workers' Compensation Adjuster course, is a best-seller and almost no one fails that state exam if they follow our course instructions. It is not riddled with spelling errors and contradictions either. If it was, we would not have such a high passing rate on that state licensing exam. We understand that many students have extreme test anxiety and have difficulty dealing with the demands of a course and a full-time job. This is many times the reason for the anger-infused reviews that contain false claims.

Stephanie has since repurchased the course and took the course again as her employer required.

1 star -- Manya Wilson 3/12/2023 -- Alaska Adjuster Course

I left one comment already, but I purchased the Momentrix Claims adjuster book and flashcards. Then I enrolled in ******** (Insurance Schools) that was not for me. I didn't pass my exam, then I researched Insurance Schools and gave them a try. They need to do away with 100% guarantee because if my state says at least a seventy percent to pass the state exam, then why is insurance schools saying 100% guaranteed. I think it is time for the State exam to be open book test. Then the second to thing: stop telling me what I don't remember. I am going to just keep studying for now.

Insurance Schools Inc's response -- We do not offer a 100% guarantee and we have no say in whether or not Alaska has an adjuster state exam that is open book. Manya would need to take that up with the Alaska legislature.

We are also sorry that Manya wasted money on Momentrix material but that has nothing to do with Insurance Schools. Manya purchased the course in late 2022, then posted this 1 star review in March of 2023. Then, she repurchased our course again in October of 2023. Since repurchasing, Manya calls our home office and submits tickets frequently asking for assistance with her spotty internet connection (which we cannot help her with) and to vent about various other things that have nothing to do with us or our course. This is another review that was posted on the BBB website that doesn't even pertain to us but the Better Business Bureau uses it to calculate our 1 star average review.

1 star -- Kathy R 11/03/2023

Very rude owner. I called to ask a question and they going up on me.

Insurance Schools Inc's response -- Again, no idea who this person is and if they called our home office or some other company's office. We think she meant "they [were] going [to hang] up on me because no one in our home office would be "going up on me". Another ridiculous review that could have been posted by anyone that the Better Business Bureau uses to give us a 1-star average review.

1 star -- Elissa Martinez 9/6/2022 of Preferred Home Inspections, Inc. in Spring, TX. Course purchased was the Texas Public Adjuster course.

I submitted a ticket inquiring why there was not a status rating concerns passed quizzes..only a crossed out, line, (strike through) that specific course. I was told I did not pay attention to detail, I was panicking and discourteous. I cannot imagine paying for verbal abuse! Do not use this company!

Insurance Schools Inc's response -- Elissa was very upset that we do not track and store the scores from our Virtual Classroom quizzes. The quizzes are like using flash cards and are meant to help students retain materials after each course module. If we tracked and stored those scores, our database would be full and slow within a day. Most students take those quizzes over and over again to PRACTICE answering the questions and they ask that those scores NOT be tracked because they are very low scores. But for some reason Elissa was upset that we only opened the next course module to show that she passed the quiz.

The comprehensive practice exams that students take at the end of the course to determine if they are ready to take the state exam ARE tracked and the scores broken down by topic stored for six months. We tried to explain this to her but SHE claimed WE were a company that needed more attention to detail among other negative comments about us, but then she makes the accusation that WE verbally abused HER.


Elissa was clearly anxiety ridden about taking the course and our ticket staff were forced to take the brunt of HER verbal abuse. When we refused to take it any longer, she went to the Better Business Bureau website to post this negative review and suggest that no one else should use our company/course. However, Elissa herself repurchased our Texas Public Adjuster course again three months later in December of 2023. Did she change her mind about how we verbally abused her?

1 star -- Yevgeny Shagal 7/18/2022. Oklahoma Property & Casualty Adjuster course purchased from Insurance Schools.

Dont buy this course. Their pass every quiz with a 100% pass rate before you move to the next ***** makes you forget what you studied by the time you retake and pass this stupid course. Its easier to write out the wrong answers and review them. I would already be done with this class a long time ago. Will never buy another course from this place ever again! I have taken many insurance, and EMT, and financial licenses. Their course is the worst if you wanna retain info. Thats why the dont offer a refund policy after you start, cause they know many people would be asking for their money back after they sampled their courses. Waste of money!

Insurance Schools Inc's response -- We have more than 30 years of experience in insurance education. Between 800 and 1,000 students register for our courses each month, use them, and pass the state licensing exam. It's a very odd claim that taking quizzes until you can answer all the questions correctly somehow makes you forget the course information. It's also odd that "writing out the wrong answers to review them" would take less time than taking the quizzes several times each online. Yevgeny is sorely mistaken in that assessment. 

Additionally, we DO offer a refund and we DO provide a sample of the course for prospective students to use BEFORE making a course purchase. However, it seems Yevgeny was in too much of a hurry to review the sample before purchasing or to read the product description that clearly explains how the course works. It also seems Yevgeny was in such a hurry that he only completed two of the course modules before posting this review and never logged into the course again. We agree with Yevgeny that any student who does not want to actually study and learn the course material to pass their state exam should not buy our course. 



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